International title: Shop of Little Pleasures | USA: Redefining Emma

feature film, Austria 2018, 93 min

Cast: Petra Kleinert, Marcus Strahl, Waltraut Haas, Reinhard Nowak, Ramesh Nair, Michael Buchinger, Mirella

written by: Julia Frick, Alice Frick, Sabine Kunz |  directed by: Julia Frick

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Emma is a 50 year old unemployed mother of two grown up children, who’s husband  is looking for his sexual awaking – with another woman.

The thought of filing for divorce also turns out as a financial threat for Emma. She starts looking for jobs and ends up as a salesperson in an “erotic market”, run by Charlie. She quickly realises that the ranch of products in the shop is not made for women and decides to revamp the store into an “erotic boutique for women and everyone who loves women”…

Das kleine Vergnügen

Cast: Petra Kleinert, Waltraut HaasMarcus StrahlReinhard NowakBen Ruedinger, Barbara Karlich, Ramesh NairMirellaMichael Buchinger, and many more

Director: Julia Frick
Screenplay: Julia Frick, Alice Frick, with ideas by Sabine Kunz
CinematographyMarco Zimprich
Production Design: Fritz Müller
SoundtrackMichael Ehninger

(Section „Focus on World Cinema“, Montreal, Canada), Aug. 24, 2017
Austrian Premiere at FRAUENFILMTAGE, Vienna, March 5, 2018

12 awards (2x Best Film, 2x Best Supporting Actress, Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, Best Original Score, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design)

19 nominations (u.a. Best Rom Com, Best Comedy, Best Feel Good, Best Director, Best Female Lead, Best Production Design, NDR Nachwuchsfilmpreis)

Theatrical Release Austria: Oct. 12, 2018


short film, AT, 2011, 9 min

‘Post-Modern Times’, a film inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s 1936 masterpiece, takes an enlightened and comic look at the lockdown home-office lifestyle 2.0 of today.


with: Alice Frick, Peter Pausz

written & directed by: Julia Frick




web sitcom, UK, 2020, 5x12 min

Austrian Lisl Frick, escapes the Alps to follow a few of her favourite things: doing comedy and being openly gay. Thinking that London needs another comedian, she breaks free from her conservative parents and ventures to London…  (more)

with: Alice Frick, Lauren Karl, Gatis Kandis, Jane Bettesworth, Cecilia Delatori

written & directed by: Alice Frick
Ep. 1 directed by: Julia Frick



short doc, UK, 2013, 22/40 min

This fast-paced, entertaining film shows a day in the life of a stand up comedienne from Austrian at the Edinburgh fringe festival, which is one of the largest stand-up comedy festivals in the world – it leaves us questioning if the glory of being onstage follows her to the streets…

with: Alice Frick, Cecilia Delatori

director & cinematography: Julia Frick


sketch series, AT, 2010, 25x2 min

Independently produced sketch series about recurring urban characters like a sex therapist, a house plant, a casual exhibitionist, a priest in a sex shop, an unlucky young couple in love and a tourist guide who feels chased by a bee…

with: Reinhard Nowak, Alice Frick, Ana Ritopecki, Birgit Radeschnig, Nicole Radeschnig, Eva D., Lydia Veigl, Rainer Obkircher, Sabine Kunz, Tanja Ghetta, Wolfgang Ciechanowski, Martin Kratochwil

written & directed by: Julia Frick


short film, AT, 2008, 15 min

Although the meaning of his name is “luck”, Felix has no luck finding a way to conquer Margarete’s heart: Their first date turns out to be a black out date – even though Felix didn’t manage to get Margarete into bed (what he surely wanted), Margarete did manage to lay Felix up in bed… 

with Jacqueline Le Saunier, Stefan Pohl, Thomas Mraz

(5 international festival awards)

director & cinematography: Julia Frick


short film, AT, 2006, 8 min

Having lost her first love, Liv travels to the countryside to escape the past and her persistant memories. When she arrives, she finally finds all that she needs – time to reflect and find her peace of mind again.

with Alice Frick, Gery Seidl, Vera Böhnisch

written & directed by: Julia Frick
music by: Michael Ehninger
title song: Xavier Naidoo


short film, AT, 2005, 5min

While her best friend is talking her head of about men, Karin escapes to the toilet. She finds a young handsome man there. Their eyes meet. Their lips touch. A magical moment is happening. Seconds later Karin returns…but she is different than before – and so is the world.

with Alexander Pschill, Alice Frick, Hanna Auerswald

directed by: Julia Frick


short film, AT, 2002, 8 min

A young woman enters a shop and looks for the perfect pair of sunglasses. But when she tries on the different sunglasses, she discovers that the shop changes depending on the model of sunglasses…

with Anne Thieme, Astrit Alihajdarj

written & directed by: Julia Frick


short film, AT, 2011, 9 min

‘Post-Modern Times’, a film that analyzes Charlie Chaplin’s 1936 masterpiece in an unusual filmique way and takes an enlightened look at the home-office lifestyle of today.

Festival Selections:
‘Post-Modern Times’ was invited to over 20 film festivals (Beijing, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico, Berlin, London, Rome, Belgium, Slovenia, Switzerland, Siberia, etc.)

Award for Best Austrian Film 2011
Golden Diana 2011
Bear in Bronze 2012

‘Post-Modern Times’ was broadcasted on TV in Germany and Austria on Dec. 17, 2013 (BR Alpha, 19:30).



with: Alice FrickPeter Pausz 

written & directed by: Julia Frick
cinematography: Satoshi
make up & hair: Stefanie La Fond
music: Michael Ehninger
edited by: Lenore Elizabeth Smith


web sitcom, UK, 2020, 5x12 min

Austrian Lisl Frick, escapes the Alps to follow a few of her favourite things: doing comedy and being openly gay. Thinking that London needs another comedian, she breaks free from her conservative parents, who want her to take over the family business and get married to her cousin Hansl (Gatis Kandis, known from ‘Britain’s Got Talent’) and ventures to London.
Chasing her dream, wide-eyed Lisl gets distracted by flatmate Kelly, a wild American party animal, who gives her advice on the British culture, and constantly leads her in awkward  predicaments. It is not long before a lovesick Hansl tracks Lisl down.

(The character of Lisl Frick can be imagined as the child of Jerry Seinfeld and Ellen DeGeneres with an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent.)

A sitcom written by and starring stand up comedian Alice Frick.

Website: www.wtfrick.com

Watch all episodes: What the Frick Youtube Channel

Cast: Alice FrickLauren KarlGatis Kandis, Jane Bettesworth, Cecilia Delatori, Shazia Mirza, Hannah Brackenbury, Njambi McGrath,  Annameka Andrade and many more

Director: Alice Frick (Ep.3-5), Julia Frick (Ep. 1)
Screenplay: Alice Frick
Cinematography: Alice Frick, Lauren Karl (Ep.3-5), Marco Zimprich (Ep. 1)
Sound Design: Katherina Vamva | Vamva Sound Design 
Title Song & Songs: Hannah Brackenbury 

Festival Selections:
UK Web Fest 2018
Sicily Web Fest 2019
Seoul Web Fest 2019
Copenhagen Web Fest 2019
The Hague Global Cinema Fest 2019 

Online Release: December 2020