2011: Leontine Sagan

documentary film in German (18 minutes)
HD, Austria 2011

One of the first (and forgotten) female film directors
Based on her memoires this film illustrates the life and work of the Jewish actress Leontine Sagan (1889-1975) who was one of the first women in Europe to direct a feature film: “Girls in Uniform” in 1931. This film is also the first lesbian film in German language.
This short documentary is based on Leontine Sagan’s autobiography “Licht und Schatten” (German Edition) that was edited by Michael Eckardt and published by Hentrich & Hentrich in 2010. (The original English edition “Light and Shadow” was edited by Loren Kruger and published by Witwatersrand University Press in 1996.)

The film is available to the public here:

– Gay Museum Berlin
– Women’s Museum Meran / Museo delle Donne Merano
– Women’s Museum Wiesbaden
– Jewish Museum Westphalia


text: Leontine Sagan
voice: Ana Ritopecki
sound: Konstantin Drossos
edited & directed by: Julia Frick

Dr. Nora Pester (Hentrich & Hentrich)
Dr. Frank Stern

This film arose in the context of the seminar „objectives and topics of contemporary history – exile studies“ by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Frank Stern




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