Writing is a creative process that can lead to new insights, great stories and life-changing moments. In the Germanspeaking world, this process is still new and only accessible in a few courses and academic curriculums. I was asked often – and still am – how I get my ideas and how my (screen) writing process is. Many ask me how to write a screenplay or how to write a good screenplay. 

I realised it is all about the person who works with you on a story or a script – the main thing is that this person knows her stuff (has written and sold books, screenplays, done movies – has street credibility) and is motivating and inspiring (there should be no place for insecurities and potential rivalry). A cordial, honest atmosphere is the key to foster ideas and to create a working relationship that leads to a satisfying outcome.

Everyone regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or professional experience is welcome to consult me on the structure and improvement options of her or his story whether it is a pitch, a treatment or a script. 

If you are interested, please send me an email where you describe your story/project in short and your given timeframe: I offer consulting via web or personally, as well as in German or English. 

Currently, I offer consulting within these topics:

Script Analysis

My personally developed script analysis is based on a healthy mixture of the script theories by Syd Field, John Truby, Christopher Vogler, Blake Snyer, Keith Giglio, Robert McKee to name a few. As a part of a script analysis I make a chart with a lot of colours indicating the different scenes, sequences and turning points, so it is easy to see where a sequence is too short or an important turning point is missing. I am not obsessed with theories, but in the feedback and rewriting process it helps a lot to recognize the weak parts of structure and character developement because that always shows in a chart. 

How to write a Comedy Script

I specialized in the field of comedy feature film and am currently I am working on my phd thesis on comedy film (“The management of jokes whitin a ninety minute film structure”) and can give you helpful feedback on a written script or show you how to create a funny premise / starting condition for your story that will generate enough funny scenes for a feature film.

Film Industry Consultancy

If you have written a script, finished the rewriting processed and are now looking for possibilities in the German and Austrian film industry, I can help you to prepare an email pitch and treatment and to identify the production companies or tv stations that might be interested – and also to work on a plan B, in case no one wants the script (which is unfortunately common in the first round).